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Acropolis of Lindos - Lindian Myth

Acropolis of Lindos

One of the most popular places in Rhodes is the archaeological site of Lindos. Its image decorates many tour guides and usually represents the Rhodes island as its icon. Above the town rises the acropolis of Lindos. 

An amazing castle that reminds the Old Town of Rhodes. It has high cultural and historical value. It is one of the most impressive architectonic remnants from the old Greek civilization. Not only is the historical value of the Acropolis of Lindos highly significant, but the views of Rhodes’ east coast as seen from this ancient temple are also mesmerizing. Some of the structures date back to the 6th century BC, such as the Temple of Athena Lindia.

At night, its beautiful lighting transforms it into an outstanding image. All restaurants, cafeterias and bars have an opened roof that visitors can take a sit and enjoy the incredible view with a drink or dish. 

Even in the modern part of Lindos there still is the dominant traditional element. Every single path has a uniqueness that remind a little bit of the Cycladic settlement. All buildings have kept the traditional theme and structure.

The Old Town of Rhodes - The Palace of the Grand Master - Lindian Myth

The Old Town of Rhodes - The Palace of the Grand Master

Travel in time by visiting the Old Town of Rhodes. Amaze yourselves by walking through The Knights Street and take your mind a trip to the deepest roots of the Greek history. Relieve all the histories told about knights and castles and even create your own.

During your visit there you will certainly see one of the many cannon balls thrown around since the Knights Ages, decorating the outside of the old town. You will be surrounded by stone buildings with Gothic arches that have stayed intact since the 15th and 16th century.

Walking up the street of the Knights, at the top and to the right is the Grand Master’s Palace.

The Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights is a complex of great cultural value for Rhodes and the entire country. The majestic limestone walls exude a mysterious atmosphere, while the interior offers plenty of sightseeing for history enthusiasts. Explore and discover age-old Greek statues and the richly decorated rooms. You’ll notice that the floors are paved with delicate mosaics.

It was destroyed in 1856 by a large explosion of gunpowder, then rebuilt according to the original drawings by the Italians in 1940. It occasionally holds exhibitions and major cultural events.

The medieval city is protected by Unesco as a world heritage site.

Kallithea Thermal Springs - Lindian Myth

Kallithea Thermal Springs

The Kallithea springs with therapeutic properties are located in the eastern part of the island just 9km from the city of Rhodes. The area opened its doors on 1929 and remained in operation until 1967 as a worldwide attraction. Today is renovated and completely restored. It welcomes hundreds of visitors per day. It’s not only a “must visit” for tourists but also a frequent usual area for locals.

The unique architecture, the Rotonda Hall, the Terrace, beautiful mosaic floors, fountains, arches and a gorgeous white dome, create a peaceful atmosphere. The area is well organized with a cafeteria and sun beds on the beach. The cafeteria is opened from day to night for a coffee, cocktail or food.

Nowadays, it is considered to be an excellent choice for event venues. Many weddings and graduation ceremonies have taken place there, since it provides a large available space close to the Rotonda Hall. Visiting Kallithea springs during the night gives you more romantic and magic emotions because of it light lighting and lovely music.

Prasonisi - Lindian Myth
Located in the southern part of the island, Prasonisi appears a two double side bay. Its magnificent sand beach attracts many visitors every day. The eastern side of the bay is better for swimming and the west for experienced surfing, because of the strong waves. It is considered the most desirable destination for expert surfers. If you’re a beginner, several surf schools are there to guide you on your first steps to ride the waves. There is equipment for rental.
The Valley of “Seven Springs - Lindian Myth
The Valley of “Seven Springs

“Seven Springs” is an area of unique natural beauty, where the locals go in the hot summer months to seek shade under leafy plane trees.

The valley derives its name from the 7 natural springs whose pouring cascade falls into a river, which in turn flows into a lake surrounded by a gushing waterfall. Follow one of the area’s many hiking paths to admire peacocks before you dive into the cool waters of the lake. Moreover, the lake where all these waters ending up to is considered to be the only accessible for swimming lake.

At its very end there is an enclosed barrier that forms and amazing waterfall. In front of the waterfall there are a few large rocks where guest can stand up and take lovely photos with the waterfall background. Some wonderful wooden bridges, a lake with ducks and the rare species of fishes contribute as well to the beauty of the area. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful places someone can visit in Rhodes.

The whole scenery is masterfully reserved and attracts daily a lot of visitors. The place is officially declared as a Natura’s 2000 protected zone, aiming to assure the long-term survival of Europe’s most valuable and threatened species and habitat. For ages this has been a ‘’must see’’ site of the island.

Butterflies Valley - Lindian Myth
Butterflies Valley

The Butterfly Valley is a paradise for butterflies’ lovers. The natural park is full of different species of butterflies, allowing you the chance to get lost in a fairy-tale world of color and wonder as thousands of butterflies’ flit around you. The forest’s aromatic trees attract all the varieties of butterflies.

The areas climate with all the beautiful flowers and trees contribute to the magnificent environment. Most of the times it might be hard for guests to notice the butterflies. That’s because of their ability to camouflage themselves with the natural colors of the trees. Usually they are sitting all together on a tree, creating the perfect illusion of a knock or separate leaves.

This unique phenomenon has been observed for many years. The valley includes a small onsite museum with exhibits about the life cycle of butterflies, as well as a butterfly hatchery. Last but not least there is a souvenir store in the end of the Valley where guests can buy many relevant themed objects.

Castle of Monolithos - Lindian Myth
Castle of Monolithos

The Castle of Monolithos provides the chance to sit on a Cliffside in 15th-century ruins offering breathtaking Aegean Sea views complemented by a charming arch and small church. The panoramic views are among the most stunning in the entire region, and many visitors ascend this viewpoint just for the scenery. As it has never been sieged, the structure remains relatively well-preserved, built by the Knights of St. John in the 15th century.

Explore the village’s stores for local honey and olive oil, before ending the day with traditional Greek food and ouzo at a tavern.

Filerimos Hill - Lindian Myth
Filerimos Hill

Filerimos is a beautiful archeological site standing on the top of the hill which offers a fantastic overview of the Aegean Sea. Its structure reminds more of a castle than a monastery. The area is surrounded by cypresses, pines and other trees.

The remarkable towering cross which dominates the 267-metre-tall hill, as well as the ancient Doric and the ruins of the ancient Acropolis of the area.

The vegetation is well maintained, since it’s the strongest advantage of the place. Using the benefit of such a perfect atmosphere the area is used today for many dream wedding ceremonies. The long stairs in the entrance lead up a shooting green path to the cloister and the temple. The yard is beautifully organized with benches where visitors can take more than a moment to sit and enjoy the surroundings. The inside of the building is even more fascinating with its well preserved architecture and stoned built walls.