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Thinking of ways to make your trip even more memorable? We might have some ideas on that!
Visiting the island of Rhodes offers you the unique chance to do once-in-a-lifetime activities, we can provide you information and of course arrange for you activities that can take your trip to the next level and offer a travel experience beyond the conventional!
Sightseeing & Tours - Lindian Myth

Sightseeing & Tours

Discover the incredible Rhodes with the unique tradition, wonderful cuisine, generous spirit and authentic hospitality.
Wine & Tasting Tours - Lindian Myth

Wine & Tasting Tours

Learn how to evaluate a wine, get a better perception about the ancient and Modern Greek wine culture and the unique varieties of our destination.
Traditional recipes - Lindian Myth

Traditional recipes

Every region in Greece has its own traditional recipes! All based on pure Greek products and the simplicity that brings out the greatness.
Try traditional flavors and travel with them to the roots of this place !
Boat Excursions - Lindian Myth
Boat Excursions
Discover the historic sights and other hidden gems over the crystal-clear waters of the coasts of Rhodes. Explore the sea in the easiest way possible.
Horse Riding - Lindian Myth
Horse Riding
Being an experienced horse rider or not, this activity is one of a kind and can offer you the most magical moments of your trip.
Scuba Diving - Snorkeling - Lindian Myth
Scuba Diving - Snorkeling
Enjoy an unforgettable diving experience and explore some of the best sites in Rhodes by swimming into crystal clear waters. The beautiful, clear, warm waters around Rhodes is ideal place to discover the underwater world.
Jeep Safari - Lindian Myth
Jeep Safari
Explore the wild side of Rhodes with Jeep safari excursions. Drive through the mountains, pass small villages, go through a riverbed, enjoy nature and have lots of fun.
Hiking Tour - Lindian Myth
Hiking Tour
Discover the unknown Rhodes is an amazing holiday destination right at the edge of the Mediterranean. You get sun, sea, endless beaches with crystal clear waters, many of which are remote or inaccessible by car or on foot. Isolated beaches that are stunning refuges for wild birds and the island’s countless wild goats.